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Top performers outperform the rest by large margin, but you don’t know, what is their “secret sauce” and how to use their know-how to improve the work of their colleagues.

As an expert, you’re the only one who can onboard and teach newcomers, but you simply don’t have enough time nor the system to pass on key competences and know-how

Company is growing fast – you need to employ and teach new specialists & teams while keeping the quality and not bugging down your current top-performers as teachers

Method to the madness – what is the basic approach?


We’ll dive in and talk to people “on the ground” to determine the crucial situations and what decisions & actions are critical for good result.


Working with top-performer(s), we’ll surface tacit mental models & action patterns behind best performance. We will work to teach those.


We will find logical moments for learning in your workflow and design effective formats to generate useful insights and practical outcomes.


We will engage with experts and learners to make sure, that there is enough motivation to make it a continuous self-regulated process.

Client testimonials

“Made me clearly see, that our experts’ know-how is a key competitive advantege and to build an effective organisation we need to find a way to learn from them in our team. Otherwise we risk key know-how just walking out of the door. This is an important business process for a CEO to design, and we got good pointers from Toomas for that!”
Mihkel Nurm
Founder & CEO, Skyproff OÜ

“Toomas helped our team of psychologist to recognise, that mental health first aid training programmes have an “expert blindspot” – we made an assumption, that a regular person sees aspects of the psychological behaviour almost like expers do. Now we approach building new programmes in a different way.”
Nele Mets
Training lead & Consultant, MTÜ Peaasjad

“Together we analysed the sequence and logic of the processes happening with the students of our new curricula. We came up with the design of the fundamental layers that played a relevant part in the way we structured the transition and communicated with all parties.”
Jorma Sarv
Programme Director for Culture Management, Viljandi Culture Academy

Who am I?

Toomas Roolaid

My father, one of the first programmers in the country, let me read a lot of SciFi books. I lived in the imagined world, where very complex things were made simple, if you learned to notice patterns and started to think like an engineer.

My passion is to uncover and understand how the top experts think, what mental tools they use. My art is to design effective ways to learn and teach it forward with help of educational psychology. I have more than 13 years of consulting and 20 year of work as trainer under my belt.

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